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Plurality of Eldership

Plurality of Eldership

Galeton Community Church is an Elder-led, non-denominational fellowship. Plurality of Eldership as God's design for church government is seen in the NT and allows for diversity, unity, maturity, creativity, accountability, and productivity amongst the leadership and the congregation as a whole.  Additionally, this Biblical model of church government allows for shared ministerial responsibilities amongst more than just one person. 

Elder & Deacon Distinction

The Bible refers to two formal offices within the local church body still in effect for the church today: Elder and Deacon (I Tim 3:1-13; Tit. 1). The qualifications for a man to serve in either capacity has more to do with one's character than a litany of job descriptions.

One significant exception however, is that of being able to teach. Being able to teach God's Word is a prerequisite for the office of Elder but not so for the Deacon. Deacons play a crucial role in assisting the overall ministry by serving the needs of the body and assisting the Elders in the overall mission of the church (Acts 6:1-7). The faithful service of Deacons to the body of Christ enables the Elders to devote to the ministry of prayer and teaching of God's Word so that the equipping of all the saints will lead to a growing and maturing people, advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ both within and abroad. 

Leadership for Galeton Community Church:

  • Reverend Timothy Montague - Preaching Elder
  • Sandy Heckman - Governing Elder