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Prayers for Authority and All Men

Prayers for the Church and Society Regarding the Seventh Commandment

Pray for Church and Society, that obedience to the 7th Commandment would increase.

  1. Pray for Christian families especially, that they would set forth a proper, Biblical understanding of marriage, chastity, childbearing, domestic service one to another, with joy, satisfaction and peace, that the Lord’s doctrine of Marriage and Familial relations would be adorned before the watching world. (Psalm 127, 128)
  2. Pray that God’s people would hate divorce, following their Lord, that they would hate all things that work against the preservation of the marital and familial state, and that they would promote all courses of behavior that encourage modesty and contentment at home. (Proverbs 7.6-23; 2 Thessalonians 3.6-15)
  3. Pray that the purveyors and users of smut would be brought to repentance, or refusing that, to discipline and judgment by proper, godly authority, that the proliferation of such abominable materials would be stopped. (Leviticus 20.11-21)
  4. Pray for our nation, in its exporting and supporting of perverse practices at home and abroad, for repentance. To this end, pray that our leaders would come under a sense of God’s righteous judgment through the preaching of God’s Word, and that the Lord would grant a turning from this wickedness. (Romans 1.19-32)
  5. Pray that predators would cease their predations upon children, confusing them concerning their gender, hypersexualizing them at an early age and other more  einous abuses, that the perpetrators of such wickedness would receive just punishment for their crimes. (Matthew 18.6; Hebrews 13.4)
  6. Pray that parents of Christian children (who belong to Christ) would teach them properly concerning marriage and family, according to God’s Word, would protect them from all perverse influences prevalent in media and society, remove them from government schools, and would provide for them a safe place in which to grow and learn to take their place as Christians, even when such parenting is ridiculed by others. (Exodus 13.14-15)
  7. Pray for a reversal of the desensitization regarding perversity in the area of human intimacy, and for proper punishment in Church and State concerning adultery, fornication, and other more heinous abuses. (Leviticus 20.10-21)