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Prayers for Authority and All Men

Pray that obedience to the 6th Commandment would Increase

Pray that obedience to the 6th Commandment would increase regarding the protection of innocent life, and the punishment of those who shed innocent blood. (The Sixth Commandment and Obedience: Deuteronomy 19.11-13; Proverbs 1.7-19)


  1. Pray for an end to unjust, immoral, but legalized, killing: abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, “assisted suicide” and all other putting to death of innocent life in our nation, for repentance for valuing convenience and lust over human life, and for a repeal of all unjust laws making allowances for such violence. (Psalm 94.20)
  2. Pray for an upright respect and honor afforded to all human beings as the image-bearers of God, for an end to human trafficking and all other sinful devaluing of God’s image in mankind. (Genesis 9.6; James 3.9)
  3. Pray for civil, peaceful discourse, understanding speech, reluctance to speak evil of any, and peaceable communication exampled by those in leadership, media, and in all other places, so that we might enjoy a diminishing of tension and bitterness, with a subsequent reduction of violence in our land. (Ephesians 4.31-32)
  4. Pray that violent offenders would be swiftly punished for their own guilt, and that the Lord would be pleased to cause that punishment to be a deterrent against other forms of violence. (Ecclesiastes 8.9-13)
  5. Pray for just judgment on the part of civil authority, an acquittal and protection of the innocent from the violent and bloody workers of evil, and just punishments for crimes, looking to the Word of God. (Proverbs 16.9-16)
  6. Pray for the powerful preaching of the Gospel, of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and conviction by the Spirit of the Lord upon our society, such that the violent would learn to fear the Lord, and cease from their violence. (John 16.8)
  7. Pray our nation that she would cease all unnecessary military conflict, order her military use according to the Biblical concept of just war, and would be a leader in righteousness and peace, rather than foremost a military power, to the nations of the world. (Micah 4.3)
  8. Pray for peace at home, that the violence, destruction, and even death that has characterized our public interaction of late would come to an end through the proper use of means—competent law enforcement, just sentencing, protection of the life and property of the innocent, and especially the changing of the hearts of those who would do thus wickedly, that the Lord would be pleased to give hearts of kindness and peace. (Psalm 144.9-15)