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Prayers for Authority and All Men

Prayers for Christian Discernment and Wisdom

Let us pray that God’s people would separate themselves from that which is evil, and cleave to that which is good.

  1. Pray for God’s people, that they would keep themselves far from an evil matter, but would cleave to that which is good and upright. (1 Peter 3.10-12)
  2. Pray for discernment among the people of God, that they might be wise to the subtle temptations and snares the enemy of their soul sets for them in things that seem innocuous, but are truly damaging to their walk with the Lord.
  3. Pray that the Lord would give light to know the good, and cleave to it. (Genesis 3.1; Proverbs 7.10)
  4. Pray for caution and wariness among the people of God, that the things which are presented to us as true, right, desirable, etc. would be brought to the bar of God for judgment, that the Lord would give wisdom and direction from His Word, and through other appointed means, that we might obey Him in everything. (Matthew 10.16; Romans 16.19)
  5. Pray that we would not be ignorant of the devices of Satan, such that we would spot temptation afar off, when we are tempted to be drawn away from simple and singular devotion to Christ, and would keep our desires for this world and its pleasures in check, using but not abusing them. (Proverbs 4.14-15)
  6. Pray that we would not fall prey to high-sounding words, or pleasant-sounding principles of perversity, contrary to the doctrine of Christ, but that we would be wise in the Word of the Lord, that our hearts would not be deceivably simple. (Romans 16.17-18)
  7. Pray that God’s people would evaluate themselves constantly in light of God’s Word, to see if there is in their hearts any evil drawing them away from the Lord, that we would live in close contact with our consciences, that the Lord would give light and tenderness to them, that we would turn away from all roads of apostasy. (Hebrews 3.12)
  8. Pray for the people of God and their use of popular media, that all thoughts presented therein contrary to the Word of the Lord would be stopped, that the people of God would not have their ideology of government, Church, family, service, fatherhood, motherhood, obedience of children, labor, wealth, righteousness, holiness, etc. formed from the broken cisterns, subtlety, and idolatry of the world, but from Scripture instead. (Jeremiah 2.13; Matthew 15.8-9)
  9. Pray that God’s people would be holy, separated from worldliness, in all their doings. (1 Peter 1.13-16)