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Prayers for Authority and All Men

Prayers for the Congress of the United States and Others...

Let us pray for the Congress of the United States and other members of the executive and legislative branches, that they would take part in leading the nation according to justice, equity, wisdom, and righteousness according to the Word of the Lord. 

  1. Pray for the conversion of each member of Congress of the United States, and other members of the executive and legislative branches, that as many as God would, in His sovereign grace, appoint to eternal life might believe, repent, and confess the Lord Jesus Christ. would  each would preside over judicial matters of this nation as they who will give account to God, truly and sincerely professing their allegiance to Him. (1 Timothy 2:1-6, Acts 13:48)
  2. Pray that they would be exposed to the Word of God in their official capacities, convicted in their official duties, and brought to an understanding that they will give account to God for their official labor. (Psalm 2.10-12)
  3. Pray that they would recognize their offices as the Minister of God for the promotion of good, and the discouragement of evil. (Romans 13.1-8)
  4. Pray that our national leaders would govern according to the rule of law in the land, under authority, with proper checks and balances, according to legal statute, and that those unjust laws would be repealed, and replaced with righteousness according to the Word of the Lord. (Psalm 94.17-23)
  5. Pray for good interaction between ministers of the Gospel and local, community civil leadership, that the claims of the Lord and His Word might be kept before our leaders.
  6. Pray, even in the face of unbelief in our rulers, that the Lord would cause them to recognize even that natural witness of the Law written upon their hearts, and would follow that witness, doing righteousness. (Romans 2.14-16)
  7. Pray for Christians to be elected to positions of civil authority, who will submit to the Lord in their callings. (Proverbs 8.15)
  8. Pray for the counselors and advisers of our leaders, that they would be Christians, that they would advise according to the Word of God, that they would be heard, and that the Lord would give increase upon their counsel. (Daniel 4.27)
  9. Pray for the citizens of our country, that they might desire righteousness in their leaders, and vote and promote only on behalf of those who will commit to speaking the truth, and ruling in the fear of the Lord. (2 Samuel 23.1-4)
  10. Pray that Christians would take the lead in their civic duty to their neighbor, to speak truth and righteousness in the gates, that the society would hear right judgment. (Zechariah 8.16)