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Prayers for Authority and All Men

Prayers for the Nation and its Repentance.

Let us pray for our Nation, for repentance of sins. (Nehemiah 9.1-38)

  1. Pray that the Lord would be pleased to pour out His Spirit upon many in this land, that the people of God would join together in prayer, and in godly public labor for the sake of righteousness, turning from iniquity, that the Church would faithfully lead in that which is upright by example, by prayer and confession of sin, in teaching from the Word, with fasting, that the Lord would be pleased to hear and grant repentance. (1 Kings 8.46-53)
  2. Pray that the beginnings of reformation in our land concerning the national shame of abortion would continue, that the Lord would grant truth and uprightness to replace the darkness and stain of this wicked sin. Pray that these efforts at reformation would be accompanied with repentance. (Leviticus18.21; Deuteronomy 12.31; Psalm 106.37)
  3. Pray that our leaders would repent of the wicked monetary policies so common today—multiplying and devaluing currency, indebtedness, ungodly provision for the idle, and excessive taxation. Pray also that we as a people would desire righteous leaders over us, and remove those from office that support shameful policy. (Deuteronomy 25.13-16)
  4. Pray that our nation would not meddle in the affairs of other sovereign nations except to be of assistance to them, at their petition, that we would honor their own borders and sovereignty, and that we would not spread our own sins abroad, but be an example in righteousness. (Deuteronomy 2.1-6; 4.5-10)
  5. Pray that we would repent of the sin of religious pluralism, calling all religions the same, against the Word of the Lord, and that we would, in our national and state establishments, preserve and promote the True Religion of the Lord Jesus Christ, revealed in His Word. (Deuteronomy 13.1-11)
  6. Pray for Christians, that we would be law-abiding citizens, examples of uprightness to those around us, adorning our profession of the Gospel, obeying the Lord in all things, pursuing true Christian liberty, with humility and grace, giving honor, custom, and tribute to whom those are due. (1 Timothy 2.1-8; Romans 13.1-8)
  7. Pray, as we have loved falsehood, for repentance concerning the 9th commandment: From out-facing the truth, outright deception, oath-breaking, and all other forms of deceit; Pray that the Lord would cause the truth to be exalted in our midst, that it would “set us free,” that as a nation we would buy the truth and sell it not. (John 8.32-36; Proverbs 23.23)