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Prayers for Authority and All Men

True Liberty

Pray for a true Christian Freedom: Isaiah 61.1-11; 1 Peter 2.13-25

  1. Pray for the propagation of the Gospel in our land, that many would come to faith in Jesus Christ and be delivered from the bondage to sin, Satan, and the fear of death, exhibiting true Christian courage and liberty. (Hebrews 2.14-18)
  2. Pray for the Law of God to ring forth from our Churches in that Gospel way, that we would learn our need of Christ and the perfection of His obedience, and receive all His commandments in love, obeying from the heart in true liberty and freedom. (Exodus 20.6; John 15.10)
  3. Pray that the Church would recover and promote the Apostolic idea of the Law of God as the “Law of Liberty” and that living by the Lord’s commandments graciously is truly the most pleasant and joyous of lives. (James 1.25-27)
  4. Pray that the license that governs our Churches and nation would be exposed for the bondage to base desire and carnal pursuit that it truly is, that the people of God would repent for walking contrary to the Lord and his commandments, and that we would bring forth the fruit of repentance. (Leviticus 26.14-46)
  5. Pray concerning civil and ecclesiastical 5th commandment responsibilities, that we would not seek to extricate ourselves from oversight and authority according to a false notion of liberty, but would recognize those structures as the means by which the Lord preserves true liberty. (1 Corinthians 7.22)
  6. Pray that the people of God would labor with their hands in their callings, with diligence, regulating their desires for the things of this world, that in all their “getting, they would get wisdom;” and serve the Lord without the yoke of indebtedness. (Ephesians 4.28; Acts 20.34-35)
  7. Pray especially for the Church, that she would not be burdened by the bondage to human tradition, and the doctrines and commandments, that we would not be brought into such bondage, “no, not for an hour.” Pray that the liberty of the Gospel, and freedom to serve the Lord with gladness, according to His instruction in the Word of God, might govern her doctrine, worship, government, and “church operations.” (Matthew 28.18-20; Galatians 2.1-5)
  8. Pray that the Scriptures would form the basis of love, law, and liberty, that we might love the Lord and one another freely, keeping His commandments, and enjoying Biblical grace in the pursuit of holiness in all things. (1 Tim. 6.11)